K A T J A  

 L I E B M A N N

Odoo CMS – ein umfassendes Bild

Gotham City 1002, New York 1997     

Galerie Dittmar

Berlin.London.New York – retrospektiv 1

29 November 2019  – 17 Januar 2020

The review of several bodies of work references Katja Liebmann’s process of considering the past in order to take her forthcoming work in new directions.

Only by looking back are we able to know where we now stand.

HackelBury Fine Art

PARIS PHOTO, HackelBury Fine Art,  

07 – 10 November 2019

Grand Palais, Paris

PHOTO LONDON, HackelBury Fine Art,  

16  – 19 May 2019

Somerset , Pavilion, Booth G25

HackelBury Fine Art,


The group exhibition looks to the future of the Gallery by highlighting

new and key works from the galleries  artists.

HackelBury Fine Art,  

Katja Liebmann / EARLY WORK

02 May – 08 June 2019

The solo exhibition “EARLY WORK” at HackelBury Fine Art, London, brings together five early bodies of work which illustrate the on-going examination of the confluence of time, movement, and environment.  


Reflecting on tools of the past, the early photographic techniques and printing processes such as the pinhole, kallitype, and cyanotype—further reinforce the theme of time, and emphasize the fleeting nature of the present.

The review references the process of considering the past in order to take forthcoming work in new directions.Katja Liebmann was nominated for the 1998 City Group Photography Prize (now the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize) for these works from her early career. Much of the work is printed with ‘low-tech’nineteenth century processes such as the Van Dyke process and other contact-print processes.