BLACK & WHITE Photography Magazin, issue 236, December 2019
Interview by Tracy Calder „Remembrance of Things Past“

PARIS PHOTO / HackelBury Fine Art, London
7 – 10 November 2019 Grand Palais, Paris, Booth C 42

May 2019 Interview by Daniel Pateman
„Katja Liebmann / Early Work“  

PHOTO LONDON  / HackelBury Fine Art, London
16 – 19 May 2019, Somerset Pavilion, Booth G 25

“TWENTY ONE” HackelBury Fine Art, London
14 June – 10 August 2019
The group exhibition looks to the future of the Gallery by highlighting new and key works from the galleries artists.

“Katja Liebmann / EARLY WORK”
HackelBury Fine Art, London
Solo Exhibition 02 May – 08 June 2019
The solo exhibition “Katja Liebmann / EARLY WORK” at HackelBury Fine Art, London, brings together five early bodies of work which illustrate the artists on-going examination of the confluence of time, movement, and environment. Reflecting on tools of the past, the early photographic techniques and printing processes further reinforce the theme of time, and emphasize the fleeting nature of the present.

HackelBury Fine Art, London
1 June – 16 August 2019
group exhibition

“Beds and Machines” / works on paper
Gallery Wildeshausen, Solo exhibition
12 January – 13 February 2018

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